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Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) approval in the Year 2013.

Enlisted by the Tamilnadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) in the Year 2012.

Participated in Elektrotec 2013 - Jan 23rd to 26th held at CODISSIA , Coimbatore .

Participated in the RENERGY 2013 – May 9th to 11th , International Renewable Energy Conference and Expo held at Chennai Trade Center, Chennai.

Participated in CONSTRO MEGA 2013 .

solar -1 Solar water heaters were founded in the year 1889 after the invention of instant water heaters in 1870. Initial usage of solar water heaters was introduced in USA. . This solar water heater consisted of a simple setup of a heat reflector and a water tank in one enclosure. Though this was a remarkable discovery, its design was not meant for efficient usage and this led to another technological advancement with water circulation and heat conservation method known as Thermosyphon system. This type of water heater is proven to be very efficient and has durability and guarantee for up to 20 years. It requires least maintenance and can be used in both day and night times. With proper insulation, hot water can be stored for up to 24 hours and is an immediate return on investment for people wanting to try installing one.



Long-Lasting: When you invest in a solar water heating system, you can do so with the confidence that your investment will pay off. The average solar water heater can last up to 20 years or longer. That's twice the average life span of an electric water heater. High-quality solar water heaters, however, can last much longer. A high-quality solar heating system can last just as long as the home or industries it is installed in.

Safety: While its normal for appliances powered by natural gas to give off small amounts of carbon monoxide, a gas water heater that lacks sufficient oxygen can begin to give off this toxic substance in much higher amounts. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous due because it is odorless, colorless and high exposure can be fatal. Solar water heaters present no such danger to you and your family. Regardless of how well your solar heating system functions, it will not emit poisonous gas into your home.

Comparison Chart

USER BENEFITS All Stainless Steel
Solar Water Heater
Ordinary Aluminum Cladded
Solar Water Heater
Why Super strong insulation with PUF 55mm. Enhanced system efficiency, Rain proof exterior, All Season Compatibility, Latest System Design, Hotter and Faster, Electrical Back-up, Easy Installation, Upgradeable, Aesthetically designed. -NA
Insulation PUF Superior performance, Better heat retention up to 48 hours. Not possible with Glass wool / Rock wool / Mineral wool.
Enhanced system efficiency The storage tank is not in direct contact with the support structure and hence saves enormous energy. Storage tanks are directly welded with support structures, which dissipates, hard earned energy, resulting in heat loss.
Rainproof exterior Exterior stainless steel construction ensures absolute NO entry of water during rainy days. Screwed cladding enables water entry, which clogs the insulation and brings down performance level drastically.
All season compatibility GLAZER Stainless Steel exterior is versatile and has unlimited life. Aluminum outer cladding has limited life when exposed to sunlight and rain. The e x t e r i o r c o r r o d e s a n d o x i d i z e s continuously when exposed.
Hotter and Faster Hot water much faster and consistent with improved design. Generates heat loss. Does not provide consistent temperature.
Easy installation Ready-made factory built. Excellent workmanship. NO cladding on-site. Cladding done at site and hence finish and workmanship compromised
Compatibility for up gradation Easily done in multiples of 500,1000,1500,2000 in series. Not possible.