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yankee Honda Motor Co. Says it is prepared to take legal action to recover damages from dealers found to have obtained franchises and car allocations through under the table payments or other improper acts. firm had earlier vowed to take 'aggressive' action against former employees found to have defrauded company. But an 18 month criminal homework of Honda's retail chain has raised clouds of suspicion over several Honda dealers, And the company said earlier this month that it also is prepared to move against anyone found guilty of crimes. Justice Department now says that more than 80 Honda and Acura dealers were involved in a scheme to defraud the carmaker having a minimum of $11.5 million regarding 1979 and 1992. That's more than twice the number that federal investigators originally regarded involved. regardless, Only two dealers continues to be charged, dissimilar to 16 former company managers. Two other merchants also were charged, But for acts committed while they were managers in a lot more claims. That leaves a long list of current and former Honda retailers who have been implicated in the scandal but not charged with crimes. 'Only after they are found guilty Cheap Jerseys of something could we consider taking legal action against anyone,' said Honda spokesman Kurt Antonius. trapped on video tape, When federal researchers first revealed criminal charges against 13 former company executives, Honda Executive Vice President Thomas Elliott issued a statement vowing to 'take aggressive legal action to recover damages from all folks who defrauded American Honda.' Antonius said recently that 'dealers could be part of that group.' in foreclosure process homeowners PUZZLE But even attorneys who are now waging civil cases against the corporation over the issue acknowledge that Honda is in a difficult legal position. Federal prosecutors have not yet made it clear whether the dealers in question were willing objectives or merely victims of extortion by the Honda former executives. That would mean several more months of investigation. Sources close to the New Hampshire based investigation say that the government has attempted to distinguish between a NFL Jerseys Wholesale dealer whose livelihood may have been threatened if he did not pay bribes or participate in kickback schemes, And one who blatantly attempted to gain advantages over other dealers. recently weeks, Honda has canceled franchises of two dealerships it says were active in the fraud scheme. One of the franchises was held by two former Honda managers who pleaded guilty to starting the activity. they are Edward Temple and Mark Benson, owners of Cosa Authentic Football Jerseys Mesa Honda in Cosa Mesa, Calif. But an additional franchise, Town and country Honda in Woodstock, Ga, happened by Barry Alexander, who has never been charged with a crime. Alexander's name came up during the examination when a former Honda manager admitted to holding a secret part interest in the dealership. 2 PLEAD at fault Two other Honda dealers have pleaded guilty to charges in the explore. New jersey multi store dealer John Conway pleaded guilty for you to payments to Honda employees while a dealer. And former Florida dealer John Fincher pleaded guilty last summer to concealing evidence from the FBI of a secret ownership in his store by a Honda executive. Through a lawyer, Hendrick has dissmissed off any wrongdoing. FRANCHISES rotate Two other dealers whose names emerged in the explore have recently made efforts to sell their dealerships. keep working month, Honda approved generally of Donald Carlton's Honda store in Tulsa, Okla, To his little girl. detectives have alleged that Carlton paid Honda officials $250,000 in cash for a business in Puyallup, clean up. Carlton has declined to comment on the situation. And henry Katchaturian, Owner of several motorcycle shops in California, Is sales Stanford Honda of Palo Alto.

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